Windows Live Writer – The best tool for posting to blogs

If you are a novice blogger or a serious one here is a tool that you want to take a look. Windows Live Writer from Microsoft which surprisingly is easy to install and use. I found this tool about 4 weeks ago when I was frustrated with WordPress’s online editor and was looking around for an alternate solution.

The installation is pretty straight forward and could be completed in less than a minute. The only annoying thing about the installer is that it contains all the tools of Windows Live as part of one installation. If you are interested only in the Writer, you’ll have to uncheck all the other tools when the installer prompts for the tools you need.

Once installed its easy to setup your blog account.First time when you start the Windows Live Writer you will a screen shown below:


You can access this screen later using the Blogs menu. As the screen indicates if your blog is hosted at Blogger, WordPress, TypePas etc. you want to use the Other option and hit next and you will see the following screen.


Just enter the url to your blog, user and password and it takes care of the rest. As I said earlier it surprisingly easy and quick to install. Once the blog accounts are setup, you can switch among them pretty easily and write and post blogs to any of your accounts.

Read more about it at Writer Zone.

At we support the use of Windows Writer. Please contact us if you want to enable the use of this tool on your blog in a site hosted with us.

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