Where Do You Blog?

First, let me ask you this question:

Do you blog?

If your answer is yes, that is great. If you do not blog I would strongly encourage you to do so. I wrote a blog recently on why blogging is important.

If you already have blog or are planning to create a blog in the future one important aspect you should address is this: "Where Should I Blog?"

Most people blog at a public site where many other people blog as well. A public site is one place where you can blog. But there is a better way especially if you have your own web site. If you have your own web site the best place to blog is your own site. Why? The chief reason for this is traffic. When you blog at a public site your readership generates traffic to that public site. But your own web site does not gain much in terms of traffic volume when you blog at a public site. Similarly visitors at your web site will have to jump to another site to read your blog. Thus you miss an opportunity to keep your visitors at your own website.

So blog at your own website. When you host your website with us you can opt for a blog. When you do that we create a blog as part of your website. It is noteworthy that your blog and home page will have their own unique addresses (URL's). Thus if you wish you can give out the address of your blog to one set of people (say your employees, investors etc.) and the address of your home page to another set of people (say customers, prospective customers, etc.). Regardless of whether a visitor comes to read your blog or whether to browse your web site BOTH the traffic come to your site.

Another advantage of blogging at your own site is the simplification of tool set. Our Customers use the same tool to manage the content of their website and to write and edit their blog. They need to learn only one tool to do both. Learning one tool is always easier than learning two.

Go ahead and create your own website now and try it risk free during our 30 day trial period.