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Ever wondered how you can keep a fresh look for you website? Change your website template as often as you wanted? Give a new look to your website for different promotions? If your answer to any one or all of these questions is yes, you have come to the right place.

At we have the tools that you need to keep your website up-to-date - in terms of content as well as templates. As a customer you have our state-of-the-art Website Builder with hundreds of templates at your finger tips. The Website Builder is there whenever you want to change your website's template. Here is how our Website Builder templates work

When you create an account with us, free for 30 days you get our Website Builder with all the templates as part of your tools to manage your website. Say your website is live with the template that you choose when you signed up with us. 2 weeks after you went live, you found another template in our Website Builder, and you want to change your website's template to the one you found - here is how you can do it:

Changing templates using Website Builder
  • Go to http://your-site-url/admin
  • You will get a prompt to sign in. Enter your email and password
  • Once you sign in you'll see a small ADMIN link at the top corner of your website. Clicking the link will take you to our Website Builder administrator's control panel with all the templates that we have published in our site
  • In order to change your website design access the Website Builder by clicking on the ADMIN link. Out of the options shown when you click on the ADMIN link, choose "Manage Site Designs". This will bring up the Website Builder's Templates Browser right on top of your website.
  • Use the Website Builder's Templates browser to navigate through the templates. You can preview your website using a selected template using this tool. When you hit the PREVIEW link after selecting a template, the Website Builder will show your website using the selected template. You can preview your website with as many templates are you want. Once you decide to go ahead with a template, hit "SAVE" to switch your website's design template to the selected on. Remember until you hit SAVE the changes you made in Website Builder Templates browser will not be available to your visitors. The moment you hit SAVE, the Website Builder will start to remember the selected template for other visitor of your site. Any new visitor come to your site will now see your website in new design you have selected.

The Website Builder Templates are professionally designed by our website creative team. All the template go through stringent quality control before they are listed on the website. We are committed to enrich the Website Builder with more templates as time progresses. So please keep an eye on the Website Builder Templates browser for new templates and feel free to switch the template any time you decide to do so.

If you run into any issues please feel free to contact us or post a comment.

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