Tired? How About A Swedish Massage Therapy?

Though there are many different kinds of massages available in the world, Swedish massage therapy is perhaps the most well known. In fact, the therapy is so popular that in a lot of spas, a massage is synonymous with Swedish massage.

Swedish massage therapy was first practiced by a physiologist of Swedish origin. Dr. Henri Peter Ling, who was a professor at the university of Stockholm was the first one to ever introduce the concept of a deep tissue massage using some typical hand movements. The massage therapy was first introduced to the world in the year 1812 and was then taken to the USA in 1858 where it was popularly known as the Swedish Movement Cure.

Swedish massage therapy is the foundation for many massages all over the world and though it is not considered to be the oldest massage, it is definitely the basis of many other therapeutic forms of many other massages.

If you are new to the therapeutic world of massage, a Swedish massage is the perfect start. This is typically a massage where the person is completely nude. However, most people prefer to cover themselves with a sheet and the therapist massages the body from underneath the sheet. In some cases, the masseur may remove the sheet or the towel from the specific areas where the massage is being done. However, it depends completely on the comfort level of the person that is receiving the massage whether they want to remove their clothes or not. A lot of people also wear underwear during the massage.

There are several different typical movements in Swedish massage therapy. The massage typically utilizes certain kneading actions that allow for a deeper tissue massage. In the massage therapy, the masseur uses aromatic oils, also known as massage oils. These massage oils are used to facilitate healing and circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids. There are several other gliding strokes which allow the muscles to stretch so that stress is completely relieved.
The masseurs for Swedish massage therapy are specifically trained to utilize the typical movements of the therapy. The pressure used is generally firm but gentle and these actions are intended to promote relaxation.

When you are undergoing the therapy, you are free to discuss your comfort level with your therapist. If you feel that the pressure is too hard or too light, discuss it freely. Ideally the pressure should be firm. This is because in Swedish massage, the underlying principle is to work the muscles at a deeper level. However, you can ask the masseur to change the intensity of the pressure.

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