Software Programs For Your Web Site

At a high level, a web site consists of the following components: content, layout/design, software programs, web server and web address. In this blog let us turn the spot light on software programs.

A website needs software programs primarily to execute pre-defined steps in response to an action by a visitor. Software programs for web sites consists of lines of code written in computer languages such as Java, PHP, JavaScript etc. Software programs are coded by programmers/software engineers. (You could say that software programs is the logical "left brain" component needed for a web site.)

Here are some examples to illustrate the role software programs play:

Example 1. You visit and enter the name of a book and press the search button. A software program running behind the scenes takes the book title you entered and searches its book database. Based on the result of the search it constructs a web page that is displayed on your browser as the response to your query.

Example 2. You go to the web site of say XYZ Corporation and fill out a form named as "Request for More Information." When you submit such a form the software program running behind the scenes takes the information you submitted and sends that across to the appropriate group of people at XYZ Corporation.

Example 3. You visit the web site of a real estate agent and you click on "Property Listing." The software program behind the scenes would look at the real estate agent's property database. It then constructs a web page that shows the list of properties.

Typically you will need to hire a website design and development company like ours to create the software programs you need on your web site. Website layout/design is the territory of people who are artists at heart. Software programs on the other hand is the territory of engineers and programmers. So you need to ensure that the company you hire to create your web site has a holistic team. They need to have both creative artists and intelligent programmers.

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