Shiatsu Massage Therapy For Overall Health Benefits

Shiatsu massage therapy is one of the oldest therapeutic massage techniques of the world. Oriental in its roots, this therapy is considered to be thousands of years old.

The Shiatsu massage therapy is a technique based on scientific and spiritual principles. If you are interested in the etymology of the word, Shiatsu literally means finger pressure. It is a Japanese term and the technique is named so because it basically utilizes pressures from the fingers to stimulate healing. Shiatsu is another form of deep massage which doesn’t only stimulate the skin, but also the muscles and the nerves deeper inside the body.

In the west, today these oriental therapeutic techniques are becoming increasingly popular. Gradually, these therapies are also being integrated into modern medicines. Most alternative therapies are based on the principle that harmony and balance within the body are essential in order to maintain good health.

The body is considered to have several meridians through which the body’s energies flow. During a shiatsu massage, the practitioner works on the meridians of the body using the pressure of the fingers, hands, elbows, knees and the forearms. Using this pressure, the practitioner aims to open up the blocked channels so that life force or ‘chi’ can flow freely.

When the ‘chi’ is flowing freely in the body, it is believed that all kinds of diseases and ailments can be eradicated. With the help of shiatsu, the practitioner helps the body to naturally release endorphins which are considered to be the body’s painkillers. These endorphins help dull any kind of pain in the body while lifting the mood of the person.

The naturally produced endorphins can help relieve muscle spasms, relieving constriction of blood vessels therefore increasing blood flow and reducing blood pressure. With the actions of the hands, the lymphatic drainage can be increased.

According to the health issues that you may be facing and your over all health, the therapist may use a combination of techniques. The pressure points on the meridians can be mixed into various combinations. These combinations can allow various parts of the body to be stimulated. The therapist may also recommend you to try some stretching exercises so that the flow of energy is further stimulated.

There are many different types of shiatsu massage techniques, however, the Zen technique is still considered to be the most holistic. For furthering the effects of a shiatsu massage, it is advised that the practitioner should continue to indulge in spiritual activities.

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