Setting Up Your E-mail in Mozilla Thunderbird

Please following the instructions below to setup your email in Mozilla Thunderbird.

Information you need

  • Mail Server:: - replace with the name given to you by our support team.
  • Your email: is a placeholder.
  • User name: support.cwds is a placeholder - again replace it with yours.
  • Password: Use the one given to you.

Step 1.
Open Thunderbird and click on Tools > Account Settings. Then click on Add Account. A new window will popup where you want to select "Email Account".

Step 2.
Enter your name the way you want it to appear in emails you are sending. Also enter the email address.

Step 3.
Select IMAP (preferred). When using IMAP the email is stored in the server and a copy will be saved in your desktop by Thunderbird. Its preferred to use IMAP if you are interested in using our web email client at times. If you choose to use POP3, the email will be retrieved from the server and will be kept the only on your desktop. The server copy will be deleted automatically. Once retrieved using POP3, emails cannot be accessed using the web mail client.

Step 4.
Enter the user name given to you by our support team. This user name is used to secure your email box from unauthorized access. Do not share this with anybody you don't trust.

Step 5.
Enter the name which is used by Thunderbird to identify your account. Once the setup is complete this is how your account will be displayed in Thunderbird.

Step 6.
Almost done! Review the setup and hit Finish.

Step 7. Retrieving your emails.
On the left side pane of the Thunderbird should show you the new account you setup. Put the cursor on top of this account's name and click the right mouse button and select "Get Message for Account". It will ask you for the password. Enter password and hit OK and it should start downloading your emails.

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Visitor Comments

    Jan 27, 2009
    When setting up email accounts with Thunderbird one thing to remember is the authentication settings of the SMTP server. Thunderbird seems to enable SMTP authentication as a default. So if your SMTP doesnt need authentication remember to disable it after you setup the account.