Relieve Your Sore Muscles With A Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Deep tissue massage therapy is a special technique in which the deeper layers of the skin, muscles and tissues are realigned and worked upon. This therapy is especially useful for those who remain tense chronically. Certain areas of the body, like the lower area of the back, neck and shoulders are especially prone to stress. These particular areas can be especially benefited from a deep tissue massage therapy.

Most of the strokes of this therapy are borrowed from the classic massage therapy however; the pressure is different than the classic version of the therapy. The duration and the speed with which the movements are practiced are also significantly different.

Physiologically it is known that where ever a person has chronic tension, the tissues and the muscles form hardened bands of tissues or adhesions. These adhesions may be present in the connective tissues, muscles, tendons and the ligaments. These fibrous adhesions constrict the blood vessels, blocking blood circulation and causing excruciating pain.

Deep tissue massage therapy is physically able to break down these hard adhesions. The breakdown of this tensed and hardened tissue allows pain to be relieved and normal circulation of blood to be achieved. The pressure and the friction applied across the muscles of the neck are especially beneficial.

Since the pressure of the strokes is hard and firm, the person receiving the massage may occasionally feel discomfort. However, unlike other massages, in a deep tissue massage, the pressure is not decreased upon request as decreasing the pressure would defeat the entire purpose of the therapy.

If a part of the body is especially sore, you may ask the masseur to omit certain areas of the body. If the pressure is hurting you and making you sore, you may ask your therapist to stop. Even after you have finished the therapy, you may feel some discomfort and pain for some day. It is possible that the pain may persist even for a day after the massage therapy. If there is excessive soreness, you may apply some ice to the particular areas that are feeling sore.

A deep tissue massage therapy is most beneficial to those who complain chronic pain and stress in specific areas, fibromyalgia, persistent problems in posture, injury from repeated strain, osteoarthritis, limitations in mobility and spasms in the muscles. People who receive deep tissue massage feel that this massage is more effective in relieving arthritic pain than any other physical therapy.

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