Personal Trainer Websites

You help your clients become fit. We help you get a "fit" website. You ask, what the heck is a "fit" website?

First, your website will be strong and healthy. The technology that underlies all the personal trainer websites we create is strong, stable and time-proven. This gives strength to your website. Your website will stay healthy for years.

Second, your website will have flexibility. Having a strong technology at the foundation of your website is one thing. But to get a powerful tool that gives you the ability to manage your website is a totally different thing. That is where the flexibility aspect comes in. You will get a powerful, yet simple to use tool to edit the content of your website. You have the flexibility to edit the content yourself any time from any where. You can do this any number of times. Furthermore, you will have the ability to change the design of your website as often as you want!

Third, your website will be lean. Lean in the sense that the size of your website in terms of storage space it requires is optimal. What does this mean to you? Your website will load fast! Visitors of your website will experience World Wow Web and not World Wait Web :-)

Fourth, your website will be attractive. We believe that looks are important too. Check out the designs we have for your website and you will see that each one of them looks fabulous. All our personal trainer website designs were created by our seasoned, creative artists. Our designers pay special attention to the color scheme, the placement of images, geometrical symmetry and various other factors to make certain that each design has a great look and feel.

So you ask, how do I get started? Simple - all it takes is 3 simple steps (which can all be done in less than 5 minutes combined).

  • Step 1. Sign-up and select a personal trainer website design. Just fill in a small form, select a design and then press Submit.

  • Step 2. Activate your account. All you need to do in this step is to create a password and activate your website simply by clicking a button.

  • Step 3. Customize your website. Your website will come with default content. Edit it if you like. If you wish to change the design you can do that too.

Step 1 is on the Get Started page. When you press the "Select Design" button a new window will pop up and you can browse the designs on that window. Choose one of the designs under the personal trainer websites category. Here is a sample of the personal trainer website designs you will see:

Personal Trainer website template #707156
Personal Trainer website template #707237Personal Trainer website template #707345

Personal Trainer website template #707468
Personal Trainer website template #707678

You are just a few minutes away from getting your website. Get started now!