Opening A Daycare Center

As more and more women are deciding to join the workforce, an imminent need for daycare centers has been felt. Opening a day care center is today a very lucrative business. However, it is not as easy as it may seem. The need for having day care centers is definitely there, especially since the recent turn of economy has forced parents to work double shifts or get two jobs to make ends meet. While teenagers and school going children can still be taken care of, with toddlers or pre-schoolers, things become much more difficult to manage.

Now that the availability of a market has already been established, the next part is to understand the kind of demand and the nuances of opening a daycare center. It has

been estimated, that the demand for daycare centers is only going to increase. The business is already extremely popular. Unfortunately, the divorce rate also continues to soar, because of which more women are forced to take jobs instead of staying at home to take care of their children.

It is also important to understand the difference between the daycare centers and baby sitting services. The capital and the logistical investment required for opening a day care center are very different from that of running a baby sitting business. The hours are different for both these businesses and the setting is completely different.

Social scientists claim that the formative years of the child are one to six and the exposure that a child gets during this period leaves a lasting impression. Therefore, parents are also keen on leaving their child with businesses that understand the importance of the child's experiences during this time. Parents prefer daycare centers that have a congenial environment that the child will be comfortable in. While there are many other requirements of parents, many of these are subjective and not easy to predict. Even then, there are several pre-requisites that have to be kept in mind right before opening a daycare center that you wish to turn into a profitable business.

A great advantage for new businesses in the field of daycare operations is that even though there is a trend of larger companies foraying into the field, most people prefer to turn to small day care centers which are in their vicinity or which have a personal touch.

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