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"I set up my massage website using and I have been very happy with it. It took me 10 minutes to set up my website. They have a great selection of massage and bodywork website designs and their tools are very easy to use. They treat each client as an individual and are open to new suggestions and comments, which makes their customer service outstanding. I also appreciate the blog page on the website where I can add details myself. I highly recommend to any massage business."
- Susan Clingman
Massage Therapist and Owner of A Healing Experience Massage and Bodywork LLC.

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Running a massage therapy practice is no small feat.

As a massage practitioner you have many things to focus on. You need to buy massage equipment, tables, chairs etc. and ensure that they are well maintained. You need to research and shop for massage oils, creams, lotions and maybe stones. On a continuous basis you need to keep sharpening your skills by taking classes. You might even have to expand your skill set by learning new modalities and techniques. This list goes on and on. All this in addition to all it takes for you to ensure your customers get the best service possible.

Whew! You have no time and energy left to set up your website. Apart from time and energy, one other factor that might be blocking you from getting a website could be that you think you need to know HTML and other geek stuff to set up a website.

This is where comes in and why many Massage Therapists use our service to get a website. With, you can set up your massage website with much ease in a few minutes and you don't need to know HTML or other geek stuff.
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Why Massage Therapists Choose For Their Website Needs?

Using, a massage therapist can set up their website in just a few minutes. Furthermore, it does not require any technical knowledge to create a website with Distilling our experience with creating websites since 2003, we simplified the process of creating websites to the extend that anyone who can read a webpage (such as this) can create a website. We have made it into an extremely simple process.

All it takes is 3 simple steps. In step 1, you select a design and fill in a small form. In step 2, you create a password for your account thereby activating your website. In step 3, you customize your website by editing its content. That's it! Period.

Elegant designs - Created by artists specifically for massage therapy

We offer a variety of designs for you to choose from. For example, some of our designs have a luxury/spa accent. Here are a couple of such designs:

Massage Website Template #239104
Massage Website Template #401824

Here are some nature-based designs:

Massage Website Template #607266
Massage Website Template #707872

Some designs have sports as the theme.

Massage Website Template #231001
Massage Website Template #402430

Medical and pregnancy are also other categories of massage website designs we have.

We have many more massage website designs than listed on this page. Check them out on the Get Started page. You will be able to find a design that totally resonates with the essence of your massage practice.

Cool Features

One of the features that makes us stand out is the ability for you to switch designs any time you want. Say, six months after you get your massage website you want to give your website a new look. Simply browse the designs, choose a new design and press a button to switch the design of your website. it is that easy!

Another cool feature that our customers love is blog. It is optional and it comes free. You can use it to enhance the visibility of your website.

A subtle yet very powerful aspect is that all our websites are inherently search engine optimized. Sorry for the geek, but what that really means is that your website will be search engine friendly from day 1. Our technology makes it easy for search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing to find your website easily.

Outstanding Customer Service

Customer delight is priority #1 for us. You will be well taken care of. We will hand-hold you through the process of setting up your website. Any time you need any help, we are just an email or phone call away.

Free Trial

Yes, that is right you get a Free Trial for 30 days. So set up your website, play with it, show it your friends and colleagues and you have 30 days to decide.

No payment details required to get started

We do not require you to give us your payment details to set up your website.

No Cancellation Fee

You can cancel your account any time you want. No questions asked. No cancellation fee. No hassle.

Get Started Now

It is easy. Simply go to Get Started and fill in a small form. When you click on the "Select Design" button you will get a pop up window, Choose the "Massage" tab and you will see all the massage website designs. Select one of the designs (you can change the design later any number of times) and you are just a few moments away from setting up your website.