Looks versus Health

Which is more important to you - the look and presentation of your website or its features and technical robustness?

Just ponder over the above question. There is no need to answer it now. In fact, the chief reason I ask it is to make you aware of the two main aspects of any web site: 1) the design/layout of the site which primarily determines how the site shows itself and 2) the "behind the scenes" technology components that keep the site alive and healthy.

If you are in the market to find someone to build a web site for you, make sure you find someone who has the creativity required for the design/layout aspect and the technical expertise needed for building the technology components. Both aspects are important and equally so. A strong blend of creativity and technical expertise is what you should look for in your web site development partner. "Don't fall for looks alone" is a good piece of advice for people seeking the right partner to create their website.

Make no mistake. The look and feel of your web site is very important. In fact, the look and feel of your web site IS the "user experience" of the visitors to your site. Obviously, better the user experience of your visitor, higher the chances of him/her turning into your online (or otherwise) customer. The key is to recognize and understand the fact that the "behind the scenes" technology components are equally important as well.

A website with a great look and feel but that does not stay up all the time or that does not function properly is not a great site at all. The technology used behind the scenes determines the performance and features of your site. Performance has two aspects: 1) perform to function i.e., functionalities programmed in to the website should perform as expected and 2) perform to speed i.e., excellent response times to user's clicks and inputs. Both these are determined by the technology used behind the scenes.

At, our website design and development team consists of graphic artists (who do the creative work) and software engineers (who do the technical work). Each of the groups - graphic artists and software engineers - have decades of combined experience in their respective fields. They work together harmoniously to create web sites with great looks and robust technical health. You as the customer will get the best of both the worlds. You deserve great looks and great health for your web site. Create your own website today and try it risk free during our 30 day trial period.