Jump start your local business using Google's new tools

Website Builder templateIf you own a small business and are adversely hit by the recession here is  a tool that will help you ease the path to getting more customers. Now studies show that more and more customers are finding local business using web search. Using the new Google small business tools you will be able to do the following

  • Web presence - Google gives you options to add you website to the local listing for free. When I say listing what I mean is the listing when people search services in your area with keywords that are relevant to your business.
  • Accurate information - When you use Google small business tools, you get to choose what potential customers will see when they search and find your business on the web.
  • Store hours and services - The tool enables you to set the store hours and services information.
  • Discount coupons - Google provide tools to create discount coupons to attract more business.
  • Impressions - Find out how many times your listing was show to potential customers
  • Actions - Enables you to see the interaction of the potential customer when they where shown the listing.
  • Zip Codes - See where the customer are getting to you site based on driving directions requested. If more people are searching for product or service in a different area, you might want to add a branch there to attract the potential customers in that area.
  • Top search queries - This is an important tool that enables you to see what people are searching for locally. If people are searching for a particular product or service that you can provide, you can now add that as part of your business to attract more customers.
  • Dashboard - All the information that is provided to you by Google are all available in a single dashboard for your convenience.
  • Free service - All the above features are provided to you for free at this point from Google.

In order to use this service and learn more please go to The first thing you do at the LBC site is to claim your business listing using Google's automated phone based claiming mechanism.

Do you have a website for your business? If the answer is no, read further to see how we can help:

Do-it-yourself Website Builder - During the claiming process one of the things that you could provide to Google is your local business's website. At we help our customers with setting up their own website in less than 5 minutes. All our customers get 1 hour of free help in setting up their small business website so that Google and other search engines can find them. Our websites come with 24x7 email customer support. If you don't already have a website or if you want to give your website a face lift, try the 30 day trial of our Website Builder. The website we create are optimized for Google to find and list them to your potential customers.

Gift Certificates - If you have a friend or loved one who owns a small business and if you would like them to have a new custom designed website use our Website Builder Gift Certificate to give a gift that will give them a jump start. Gift Certificates are available for websites starting from 3 months to 3 years.

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