Income Potential of Daycare Centers

Depending upon your business plan, the income potential of daycare centers could be huge. Most day care centers charge anywhere from $35 to $300 per week per child. This charge covers the child's stay for the entire week. You may include breakfast in this charge or may charge extra for breakfast or any other meals.

If you are able to receive the money in advance from your clients, that will be the best. It is recommended that you have your financial structures clear and set up proper payment schedules. This is extremely important if you want to realize the income potential of daycare centers. When you ask the customers to pay in advance, you conveniently eliminate time and effort in book keeping. In addition to that, you will also be able to accumulate enough funds to improve your services. You will have enough operating funds and will not have to face

the stress of collecting payments at the end of the month. There will also be no unnecessary tension relating to meeting the expenses at the beginning of the next month.

Depending on your business plan, you can set up monthly or weekly payment plans for your clients. You can plan the rest of the month's activities depending on the money you have accumulated as operating costs.

To realize the income potential of daycare centers, it is imperative to have a high performing manager. If you have a good business sense, you can manage this position yourself. However, if you do not feel extremely comfortable dealing with this position, it is best to hire someone who will be able to manage the day care for you. The key qualities required in a manager of a daycare center are empathy, orientation towards sales, an ability to judge and understand people. In addition to this, the person should be of an outgoing nature.

If your manager is good, you will be able to market your day care center in the right manner and quickly build a good reputation of the center. The overall day to day functioning of the day care center will also require the help of other staff. Cooking, cleaning and book keeping are some of the other tasks that would need to be taken care of.

It is important for the manager to be well versed in the operations of the center. When a potential client calls, the manager should be able to effectively communicate the reputation of the day care center, the method of operation and the payment schedule.

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