Importance of Blogging

 Why blog? Before we address this question let us understand what a blog is. Blog is short for weB LOG. Now, what does that mean? It is loosely similar to a diary you maintain except that it is a web version of it.
Your web site is nothing but a collection of text, data, images, software programs, and possibly video and audio files. With a blog you add a human element to an otherwise inanimate representation of your business known as your web site. A blog is a medium for you to communicate directly to the visitors of your web site.

You are reading a blog now. This is a blog I written using the content management system provided as part of our website hosting services and is aimed at educating business owners on how they can use the web to achieve their business goals.

So back to the first question - why blog? These are five reasons why blogging is important:

  • Websites are mostly impersonal. Blogs on the other hand are very personal. It is a note written by a person to convey a message to her/his target audience. Blogs thus is a medium that helps you to connect with your prospective customers.
  • Blogs enable two-way communication between you and the readers of your blog. People who read your blog have the option to add a comment on your blog. Commenting lets your visitors to communicate back to you. Commenting thus keeps them engaged on your site. Surely this in turn means that visitors of your site will stay longer.
  • Blogging has the potential to attract more traffic to your web site. It is not uncommon for people to visit a web site just to read a blog at the site.
  • It is easy and fast to post a blog. The real benefit of this is somewhat subtle. Blogs make it easy for you to make updates to your site frequently. (This is assuming your blog is located on your website.) In general, search engines like sites where there is frequent activity. And with blogs it is easy and fast to make frequent updates. Also, it is noteworthy that adding images, audio and video files to your blog is easy as well.
  • Blogs can become a very powerful marketing tool for you. For example, you can use your blog to educate your customers on your product pipe line. As another example, say you want to know how your customer base would feel about adding a particular feature to your products. Put that in a blog and ask for feedback. You will hear directly back from your customers. Yet another example would be this. Say your company announced its quarterly or yearly results. Use your blog to add some color commentary to the results. Let your investors and other interested parties hear directly from you and not just the news wire.

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    Jan 28, 2009
    Video blogs in YouTube etc. helps too.

  1. April
    Jan 27, 2009
    I found that wikipedia has an excellent article on blog. It is at

    I view blog as an Internet marketing tool. Having my own custom web site is one thing. Getting people to visit my site is a totally different game. I have found that one easy way to create some buzz is to have write a blog on my site.

  2. JJ
    Jan 27, 2009
    Yes, blogging is very important. Blogs help you create a content rich site. Here is another article that I think will benefit the readers of this article - Basic SEO tips for blogging beginners - it sure helped me get some basics of blogs and SEO.

  3. Scott
    Jan 26, 2009
    Informative article. Thanks for taking the time to write it. You have inspired me to start blogging.