Holistic Massage Therapy For Total Body Care

There is no dearth of people who turn to massage therapy for treating their ailments. Though there are people who prefer a holistic massage, there are others who still treat their only their localized pain, stress and spasms with massage.

What is Holistic Massage Therapy?

A holistic massage therapy  is the way to look at the body as a whole while giving a massage therapy. While most therapies would try to look at isolated symptoms and aim to treat them, a holistic massage aims to establish a cause for these symptoms and approach the cause through various possible methods. The basic principle behind this kind of a therapy is that this form of massage will help you regain the balance and alignment of your body. The therapist will not only massage your body in this therapy, but also look at overall nutrition, your physiology, general health and level of fitness.

How Is Holistic Massage Therapy Practiced?

The process of a holistic massage is not very different from the regular kind of massage. The process begins right with your first consultation with the therapist. You will be handed over some detailed forms which you will then fill out. These forms are filled to collect information about your family history, general health, fitness routine, lifestyle etc. the questionnaire will help the therapist understand your needs and work on you accordingly.

The therapist will use the questionnaire to create a profile for you and will then choose the right king of therapy which is best suited for you. Once the therapist starts your treatment, there will be a log maintained for all your treatments and activities.

Health Benefits of Holistic Massage Therapy

Any massage, whether it be topical or holistic, is intended to benefit your body. The only difference is that holistic massage also tends to benefit your mind in a more apparent manner. Here are some of the common holistic massage benefits:
1.    A holistic massage is extremely helpful for the muscles. It allows them to get relaxed, relieving any stiffness or soreness.
2.    The strokes that are used for the massage helps in improve drainage of toxins and lymphatic nodes.
3.    Mentally, a holistic massage can improve mental acuity and ability to concentrate.
4.    This therapy is an excellent way to deal with emotional stress and neurotic problems like depression.

Precautions to take before the massage

It is recommended that even before the massage begins, you should ideally take some precautions. Do not drink alcohol for at least 24 hours before the therapy. if you are taking any prescription drugs, discuss their use with your therapist.

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