Has this happened to you?

I was at a seminar (on copy writing) a few weeks ago and I met a woman who owns a limousine business. During the course of our discussion I asked her if she had a web site. Her answer was no. I asked her "why not?" She narrated two stories of her attempts to get a web site. Both stories had pretty much the same theme. In both the cases she gave money to folks who claimed to be web site developers but neither of them delivered her the web site. Her face was red as she finished telling me the stories.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you attempted to get a web site but got ripped off?

Most of the web site developers out there (from one-person freelancers to the big corporations who play in this space) who I know of are professionals. They care for their customers. They deliver. But of course as in any industry there are crooks in this business too.

One way to protect yourself from the situation that limousine business owner went through is to hire someone or use a service that does not require any down payment. One of the hallmarks of the our website design and hosting service offer is that we require you to put no down payment and you do not have to pay us any one time charges. Also, we offer the free website hosting during the trial period. That is right, with our website builder tool you have no one time expense, no down payment, and to top it off you get the first month FREE. Get your professionally designed website now. It costs you nothing to try us out.

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