Gift a Website to Say You Care

image-thumb.pngFlowers, chocolates and gifts are no more special. Imagine the amount of flowers and chocolates that a person may get on their birthday or an anniversary. Gift them a blog, a website or a domain name and be sure that your gift will be the most unique.

Today, the cost of buying a website is very nominal. You can buy a website for as less as $50 for a subscription of 3 months.

No one likes to get something off the rack, but then that’s how most presents are. If you’ve got something, there’s a high likelihood that someone else may have something which is exactly the same or quite similar. A website on the other hand is something that you can create on your own. You decide the name, you decide the url, you decide its look and feel and most importantly, it is you who will determine what the website will do. So in a way, you get to explore so many things in just one go.

Gifting a website to someone you love is still a new concept but it is destined to catch on fast. In the world where online presence has become almost mandatory and people gauge you only after looking at your website, having a website is like having an identity card on the internet.

In the last one year, more and more people have realized the true uniqueness of gifting a site. Statistics have shown that in the last two years, in a web domain registration company, forty out of every three hundred website purchases are for gifting purposes. Personalized web albums, specific domain names, web templates and other accessories are also becoming popular because they help the person create their own unique space in the online world.

There are so many uses of a website even for those who don’t have their own business. For instance, you can gift someone a wedding website for their wedding. This is unique in itself because the bride and the groom can put up all their happy memories on the website and share them with all their loved ones.

A personal website is a fun way to stay in touch with loved ones. Celebrate special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, family reunions, or the birth of a new baby, with announcements, and pictures. Why spend money on a newspaper ad, when you can build an interactive personal website reaching friends and family worldwide. Surprise someone today with a personal website.

The idea of gifting a website is so unique and wonderful that everybody is sure to love it.

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