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Today I came across Flock Browser when I was looking for a good blog editor for Mac.  Recently after finding the Windows Live Writer I am kind of spoiled and I have to admit I am kind of addicted to it. At times at home I use the my wife's MacBook and I thought I'll try and see if there a similar software for Mac. So far my search for a Mac Live Writer resulted in Flock.

The Flock Browser has a interesting concept and user interface. It had built-it capabilities to integrate your social networking sites right into the browser through a panel on the right. Yes, right where you have the history and favorite pane in Internet Explorer and Firefox, Flock has the "People Bar". This bar can be configured to add your FaceBook, Twitter, Blogger account etc. Its shows a quick summary of whats going on and also used for posting updates to FaceBook and Twitter.

Flock also has blog posting and editing features which I am not a big fan yet. The Windows Live Writer sets a bar a bit high for all the blog editors out there. Flock has basic features and its useful and its worth giving it a try if you are using Mac.


  • Browser powered by Mozilla.
  • People sidebar is a great tool to keep track of your social networking accounts
  • Uploader for media
  • Mediabar to keep track of the media on a site
  • The blog editor is not very intuitive. For example I couldn't find a way to edit an existing post in my blog. I was able to edit the post that was posted using Flock, but not the ones that were already on the blog. Make be I should research more, still I would say its not intuitive.
  • The toolbar is good crowded. I think once you are used to the toolbar you might be ok. The do have tooltip, but I would say the learning curve is steep.
Blogged with the Flock Browser

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