Educational Partnership

We, as a corporation, firmly believe in the value of education. The future of a state or a country is greatly dependent on the quality of education it imparts to its people. We support institutions that provide education.

We offer discounts on ALL our services to students who graduate from the following schools/universities. We understand how tight start-up budgets can be. With our partnership, fresh graduates who set up their own businesses can focus on applying what they have learned and not worry about getting funds to set up their web sites. Not only do we offer discounts to the graduates of these schools but also they can avail of our pricing scheme (no one-time charges, low monthly fee) which is ideal for small businesses.

We give students of these schools a unique discount code that they can use to get the discount from us.

Additionally, these graduates get a one-stop shopping experience - we do web sites, hosting, blogs, logos etc. Basically we are an "all under one roof" web site shop. Click here if you want to become our partner. Following are the schools/universities we have partnerships with.

California College of Ayurveda -

If you are interested in knowing more about this program please contact us.