Do-it-yourself website design

At we believe in putting our customers first, meaning we want our customers to have full control over their website content and website design. In this article we are going to discuss how our do-it-yourself website design tool helps our customer change the design of our website any time they wish.

Do-it-yourself website design setup

When creating a new website with us, you will be given an option to select your website designs. Here you can browse the designs and select one that suits your need. See below a picture of our do-it-yourself website builder:

Do-it-yourself website builder with design browser

Here in order to invoke the do-it-yourself website design browser you need to click on do-it-yourself-website-design-button (See above image).

Do-it-yourself website design browser

do-it-yourself website design browser

The design browser enables you to browse the different categories of designs that we have. Select the design that suits your need. Remember you can change this design any time your want after you create the website.

Do-it-yourself website design administration

Once the website is created, you have access to this website design browser any time within your administrator console. The instructions on how to login to your administrator console will be send to you as an mail at the time of activation of the account. Follow the instructions and you'll be logged into your website's admin console. Unlike most other Admin console, our admin console (or control panel) appears right on top of your website. Here is a quick video on how to change your website's design.

Our do-it-yourself approach to website design and content management is geared towards giving our customer full control of the website that he/she creates.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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