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So the new year has begun and you know you need to get your web site redesigned. And you know you need a web site for your new business. What are you waiting for? Learn more about our website design and hosting services and create your own website today!

Sincerely the purpose of this post is not to entice you to get started with our free trial program. Instead the purpose of this post is to turn the spot light on an issue that I see quite often.

One of the first tasks one would be engaged in as part of starting a new business would be to get a web site. For most businesses, in the so called Internet age, not having a web site would be a handicap. So the new business owner has this intense desire to get a web site. He thinks of all the features he wants on his site. He puts down the list of features on a piece of paper. Later he comes back to this list and takes away a few items, changes some items and add some new ones. This process might go on for some time - months in some cases. At this stage he might even be talking to some web designers. He knows he wants a cool, sleek web site but he just cannot make up his mind as to what all features he wants on his site, as to how his site should look like.

Do you see the problem with the above scenario? Months go by in lost online visibility for his business. No web presence, no online visibility.

The problem the above business owner is trying to solve is genuine. He wants a cool, sleek website with great features. It is a superb end state. Now if you are facing this problem, how would you solve it? How would you get to that end state?

The solution to the problem is this: to get to the end state in a fast and effective manner you should split the project into two phases.

First, get a basic web site up and running. It does not have to be fancy (but it can be). The primary purpose of this phase is to get started and create a web presence. A basic web site can be created and implemented in a matter of a few minutes! As motivational speaker Mike Litman reminds us, "You do not have to get it right, you just have to get it going."

In the second phase, add all the "bells and whistles." You might want your website to have a database to store the list of your products with search capabilities. Or you may want a survey tool available on your web site. Or you may want a photo album where you can post photos and images. Whatever non-basic feature you need can be created and set up in the second phase. The end of the second phase marks your arrival at that superb end state. Your web site dreams have come true. Congratulations!

Now, get real and just get it going. Get started with your small business website now. You can create your own website in 5 minutes!!

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    Michael Smith
    Jan 27, 2009
    I agree with the person who posted this blog. We spent 3 months talking about our site, another 4 months planning it and it took 2 months to create it. If we had just created our website the first time we decided to have a site that would have given us 4-5 months of Internet marketing advantage. Our experience is that Internet marketing takes time.