Digital Photography

Everyone ought to have some hobby and if you have an appetite for adventure, what better hobby to have than digital photography. Digital photography is an alternative to the more painstaking traditional film photography and while a lot of photography enthusiasts still swear by film photography, its digital counterpart is quickly gaining popularity.

The most obvious first step to begin your photography journey is to get your hands on a good camera and if you still don't own one, there are plenty of great choices for you. But before you begin, take a step back and think which category of photographers do you fall into?

Are you an amateur, a professional or are you simply trying to pursue a hobby. Different cameras have different features and depending on what your photography aspirations are, you should choose a camera. Once you have decided what category you fall in, you will be able to choose the features that you want in your camera. If you are only looking to click pictures to make memories so that you can put them on a photoblog, you can go with any digital camera of more than six megapixel. However, if you make megapixels your only criteria, you may miss on many of the other interesting features that modern cameras offer. You can have a portable slim camera which is easy to use and easy to carry.

However, if you want to build a portfolio or want to click pictures of nature and scenery, you may want to go in for a bulkier Single Lens Reflex type camera. Think about the kind of quality and portability you want from your camera and then make a pick. Also keep in mind the kind of zooming, data storage and accessories you want with your camera, before making a final choice.

Since digital photography is a relatively new concept, the debate between reel v/s digital cameras is also relatively new. Digital photography has finally met expectations in terms of both flexibility and ease. While the range of choices is much more in digital photography - owing to the megapixel differences, film cameras are still few to choose from. There are also the professional quality SLR cameras available in different  zooming capacities and megapixels. They do not remain as bulky as they were before, though some of the high end cameras with superior features are still as bulky as they were before.

The bottomline is, if it is photography you are looking for, there are many alternatives for you. What are you waiting for then, go get your own camera and start a digital photography blog!

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