Choosing the Right Website Design and Development company

Among all the tasks needed to get your web site created and implemented, finding the right website design and development company could be the most challenging. Here are some guidelines to help you in finding the right vendor to create your web site. For each vendor you have shortlisted find out the answer to the below questions.

  1. Do they create the design for your website based on your requirements? Or do they just give you a pre-manufactured template? Just as your business is unique your website ought to be unique as well. You need to ensure you get a custom-made web site that is designed per your requirements. A template is a prefab, set in a cast meant for a range of businesses rather than just your business. You do not need that. What you need is a custom-created web site designed just for you.
  2. Do they offer you multiple designs for your website? You need to be given at least 3 designs to pick from. You are the boss. You need to be able to choose the "look and feel" of your site.
  3. Can you test the web site they create before it "goes live?" Your web site developer must give you the opportunity to test your new site before they implement it. This will allow you to play with your site and give any feedback you have to the developer.
  4. Do they provide these services in addition to web site development: hosting, domain name registration and ongoing tech support? If these 4 services - web site development, hosting, domain name registration and tech support - are under one roof that will give you a one-stop shopping experience. This saves you time by consolidating the number of vendors you need to work with to get your site created, implemented and sustained.
  5. Are their payment options agreeable? Some web site developers require you to put 100% down payment while there are some that need a fixed dollar amount as a down payment. The best is of course are those who ask for no down payment. This gives you the option to walk away if you do not like any of their designs.
  6. Do they have a good and simple return policy? What if they develop the site but you do not like it? Can you return and get 100% refund?
  7. Do they give you a tool to manage the content of your site? What can be more frustrating than having to depend on a third party to make some edits to the content of your web site. It is very important that you get a tool using which you can manage the content of your site any time.

Let us see how our website design, development and hosting services fares against the points above.

We are a one-stop shop for all your "web presence" needs. We do site development, hosting, domain name registration, ongoing tech support, create logos, develop web applications and more.

Regarding our payment options, you pay nothing (did you get that? nothing, nada, zilch) to try us out. Once we get your order we will create multiple designs for you. You pay nothing at this stage. You need to pay only after you choose one of the designs we create. If for some reason, you do not like any of our designs you can walk away without paying us a penny. Even after you choose a design, you need to pay only 50% of the charges then. The remaining amount will not be due until just prior to the final implementation of your web site.

Relative to our return policy, it is very lenient and extremely simple. If for any reason you do not like what we deliver to you, you can return within 90 days from the date of delivery - no questions asked. And we will refund you 100% of what you paid us.

Last but not least, we will give you a tool to manage the content of your site. Your web site will come with a powerful Web Content Management Tool. Using this tool you will be able to edit the content of your site any time from any where using a browser.

Go ahead and create your own website in less than 5 minutes! Try it risk free during our trial period!