Tired? How About A Swedish Massage Therapy?

Though there are many different kinds of massages available in the world, Swedish massage therapy is perhaps the most well known. In fact, the therapy is so popular that in a lot of spas, a massage is synonymous with Swedish massage.

Swedish massage therapy was first practiced by a physiologist of Swedish origin. Dr. Henri Peter Ling, who was a professor at the university of Stockholm was the first one to ever introduce the concept of a deep tissue massage using some typical hand movements. The massage therapy was first introduced to the world in the year 1812 and was then taken to the USA in 1858 where it was popularly known as the Swedish Movement Cure.

Swedish massage therapy is the foundation for many massages all over the world and though it is not considered to be the oldest massage, it is definitely the basis of many other therapeutic forms of many other massages.

If you are new to the therapeutic world of massage, a Swedish massage is the perfect start. This is typically a massage where the person is completely nude. However, most people prefer to cover themselves with a sheet and the therapist massages the body from underneath the sheet. In some cases, the masseur may remove the sheet or the towel from the specific areas where the massage is being done. However, it depends completely on the comfort level of the person that is receiving the massage whether they want to remove their clothes or not. A lot of people also wear underwear during the massage.

There are several different typical movements in Swedish massage therapy. The massage typically utilizes certain kneading actions that allow for a deeper tissue massage. In the massage therapy, the masseur uses aromatic oils, also known as massage oils. These massage oils are used to facilitate healing and circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids. There are several other gliding strokes which allow the muscles to stretch so that stress is completely relieved.
The masseurs for Swedish massage therapy are specifically trained to utilize the typical movements of the therapy. The pressure used is generally firm but gentle and these actions are intended to promote relaxation.

When you are undergoing the therapy, you are free to discuss your comfort level with your therapist. If you feel that the pressure is too hard or too light, discuss it freely. Ideally the pressure should be firm. This is because in Swedish massage, the underlying principle is to work the muscles at a deeper level. However, you can ask the masseur to change the intensity of the pressure.

Holistic Massage Therapy For Total Body Care

There is no dearth of people who turn to massage therapy for treating their ailments. Though there are people who prefer a holistic massage, there are others who still treat their only their localized pain, stress and spasms with massage.

What is Holistic Massage Therapy?

A holistic massage therapy  is the way to look at the body as a whole while giving a massage therapy. While most therapies would try to look at isolated symptoms and aim to treat them, a holistic massage aims to establish a cause for these symptoms and approach the cause through various possible methods. The basic principle behind this kind of a therapy is that this form of massage will help you regain the balance and alignment of your body. The therapist will not only massage your body in this therapy, but also look at overall nutrition, your physiology, general health and level of fitness.

How Is Holistic Massage Therapy Practiced?

The process of a holistic massage is not very different from the regular kind of massage. The process begins right with your first consultation with the therapist. You will be handed over some detailed forms which you will then fill out. These forms are filled to collect information about your family history, general health, fitness routine, lifestyle etc. the questionnaire will help the therapist understand your needs and work on you accordingly.

The therapist will use the questionnaire to create a profile for you and will then choose the right king of therapy which is best suited for you. Once the therapist starts your treatment, there will be a log maintained for all your treatments and activities.

Health Benefits of Holistic Massage Therapy

Any massage, whether it be topical or holistic, is intended to benefit your body. The only difference is that holistic massage also tends to benefit your mind in a more apparent manner. Here are some of the common holistic massage benefits:
1.    A holistic massage is extremely helpful for the muscles. It allows them to get relaxed, relieving any stiffness or soreness.
2.    The strokes that are used for the massage helps in improve drainage of toxins and lymphatic nodes.
3.    Mentally, a holistic massage can improve mental acuity and ability to concentrate.
4.    This therapy is an excellent way to deal with emotional stress and neurotic problems like depression.

Precautions to take before the massage

It is recommended that even before the massage begins, you should ideally take some precautions. Do not drink alcohol for at least 24 hours before the therapy. if you are taking any prescription drugs, discuss their use with your therapist.

Back Massage Therapy for a Healthy Spine

Back massage therapy is one of the most popular ways to get rid of the tension in your shoulders, neck and back. These three areas are the most prone to tension and injury because they support the body whether you are sitting or standing and are therefore under a lot of stress.

Those who have a job that keeps them behind the desk may know exactly how bad the back can hurt after a long day at work. However, those who keep moving around are not completely immune to back pains either. Bad posture, whether practiced while sitting or standing, can cause severe back pain.

Back pain massage, if done correctly can not only rid you of the pressing pain, but can also improve your general well being and the health of your spine. However, it must be remembered that such a massage therapy may not be suitable to everyone. For people who suffer from certain back and joints problems, back massage therapy may not be an answer to the problem at all. Therefore it is a good idea to first meet with a doctor and discuss the use of massage therapy as a long term solution for chronic back pain and stress before you actually turn to it as a remedy.

Massage therapy today, is a credible and popular alternative healing technique but is definitely not a substitute to medical attention. There are many benefits of receiving a back massage therapy, some of which are improvement of blood circulation and hormones. If you have a back injury which has caused inflammation and pain, a good and gentle back massage can help you relieve the pain by improving the circulation and removing excess fluid which might have got accumulated in the inflamed area.

The muscles in the painful area can get relaxed because of the increased blood flow and the supply of oxygen. The range of motion also gets improved, the production of hormones named endorphins which act as natural mood enhancers, also increases and you will have an improved sleep. A back massage using aromatic or essential oils are also good for your skin along with having other therapeutic benefits.

Though massage can provide you temporary relief, it is wise to be aware of the larger picture. If back pain has been troubling you for a long time, it is better to examine your behavior and lifestyle to identify the cause of the pain. Stress and a wrong posture can keep you in pain no matter how many massages you get. To get rid of this problem, the most viable solution is to treat the cause. Making some lifestyle changes can be beneficial not only for your back pain but also for the overall health.

Shiatsu Massage Therapy For Overall Health Benefits

Shiatsu massage therapy is one of the oldest therapeutic massage techniques of the world. Oriental in its roots, this therapy is considered to be thousands of years old.

The Shiatsu massage therapy is a technique based on scientific and spiritual principles. If you are interested in the etymology of the word, Shiatsu literally means finger pressure. It is a Japanese term and the technique is named so because it basically utilizes pressures from the fingers to stimulate healing. Shiatsu is another form of deep massage which doesn’t only stimulate the skin, but also the muscles and the nerves deeper inside the body.

In the west, today these oriental therapeutic techniques are becoming increasingly popular. Gradually, these therapies are also being integrated into modern medicines. Most alternative therapies are based on the principle that harmony and balance within the body are essential in order to maintain good health.

The body is considered to have several meridians through which the body’s energies flow. During a shiatsu massage, the practitioner works on the meridians of the body using the pressure of the fingers, hands, elbows, knees and the forearms. Using this pressure, the practitioner aims to open up the blocked channels so that life force or ‘chi’ can flow freely.

When the ‘chi’ is flowing freely in the body, it is believed that all kinds of diseases and ailments can be eradicated. With the help of shiatsu, the practitioner helps the body to naturally release endorphins which are considered to be the body’s painkillers. These endorphins help dull any kind of pain in the body while lifting the mood of the person.

The naturally produced endorphins can help relieve muscle spasms, relieving constriction of blood vessels therefore increasing blood flow and reducing blood pressure. With the actions of the hands, the lymphatic drainage can be increased.

According to the health issues that you may be facing and your over all health, the therapist may use a combination of techniques. The pressure points on the meridians can be mixed into various combinations. These combinations can allow various parts of the body to be stimulated. The therapist may also recommend you to try some stretching exercises so that the flow of energy is further stimulated.

There are many different types of shiatsu massage techniques, however, the Zen technique is still considered to be the most holistic. For furthering the effects of a shiatsu massage, it is advised that the practitioner should continue to indulge in spiritual activities.

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy For Your Sore Muscles

Neuromuscular massage therapy, one of the best therapies for reducing tension in the lower back, has been practiced since the most ancient of civilizations came into being. Even in the ancient Chinese, Egyptian and Indian civilizations, neuromuscular massage therapy was used. This therapy is also technically known as trigger point myotherapy since it utilizes special trigger points to relieve stress and ailments in the areas of the body which lie close to these trigger points.

If you are suffering from any kind of a soft tissue injury, this kind of a massage technique is ideal for you. In the neuromuscular massage therapy, alternating levels of pressure are applied on various parts of the body. If there is a muscle spasm, pressure applied using fingers elbows and knuckles can help improve the spasm. With the help of fingers, constant pressure should be applied at one area for at least thirty seconds. After that, the pressure can be varied.

A muscle spasm can be painful to the touch and initially the massage may hurt. However, if you discuss your condition with the therapist before the therapy begins, the therapist will start with very light pressure on the muscles, increasing it gradually with time. The pain is usually caused due to ischemic muscles. This is caused because the tension in the muscles causes a lack in the flow of the blood because of which the muscles are not able to receive adequate amount of blood and oxygen.

With neuromuscular massage, the muscles become relaxed and stop producing lactic acid which makes the muscles sore. When the muscles begin to relax, the constricted blood vessels also begin to expand, allowing free circulation of blood and access to oxygen.

As the pressure of the massage increases, the ischemic pain in the muscles is also relieved. If the pressure seems uncomfortable, tell your therapist to reduce the pressure and increase it again gradually.

Throughout the procedure of the massage, keep talking to your therapist. Tell your therapist when the pressure is too light or too intense. If the pain is getting better, discuss it with the therapist and if it is getting worse, then too prompt your therapist. A typically healing massage therapy should never be very painful. Though the pressure may feel painful initially, but most people feel that the pain is good.

After you are through with the therapy, you will be rid of any soreness. The muscles will feel soothed and the feeling of relaxation is quite lasting. Even if some kind of soreness persists, it may disappear after a period of 24-36 hours.

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Windows Live Writer – The best tool for posting to blogs

If you are a novice blogger or a serious one here is a tool that you want to take a look. Windows Live Writer from Microsoft which surprisingly is easy to install and use. I found this tool about 4 weeks ago when I was frustrated with WordPress’s online editor and was looking around for an alternate solution.

The installation is pretty straight forward and could be completed in less than a minute. The only annoying thing about the installer is that it contains all the tools of Windows Live as part of one installation. If you are interested only in the Writer, you’ll have to uncheck all the other tools when the installer prompts for the tools you need.

Once installed its easy to setup your blog account.First time when you start the Windows Live Writer you will a screen shown below:


You can access this screen later using the Blogs menu. As the screen indicates if your blog is hosted at Blogger, WordPress, TypePas etc. you want to use the Other option and hit next and you will see the following screen.


Just enter the url to your blog, user and password and it takes care of the rest. As I said earlier it surprisingly easy and quick to install. Once the blog accounts are setup, you can switch among them pretty easily and write and post blogs to any of your accounts.

Read more about it at Writer Zone.

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Jump start your local business using Google's new tools

Website Builder templateIf you own a small business and are adversely hit by the recession here is  a tool that will help you ease the path to getting more customers. Now studies show that more and more customers are finding local business using web search. Using the new Google small business tools you will be able to do the following

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  • Store hours and services - The tool enables you to set the store hours and services information.
  • Discount coupons - Google provide tools to create discount coupons to attract more business.
  • Impressions - Find out how many times your listing was show to potential customers
  • Actions - Enables you to see the interaction of the potential customer when they where shown the listing.
  • Zip Codes - See where the customer are getting to you site based on driving directions requested. If more people are searching for product or service in a different area, you might want to add a branch there to attract the potential customers in that area.
  • Top search queries - This is an important tool that enables you to see what people are searching for locally. If people are searching for a particular product or service that you can provide, you can now add that as part of your business to attract more customers.
  • Dashboard - All the information that is provided to you by Google are all available in a single dashboard for your convenience.
  • Free service - All the above features are provided to you for free at this point from Google.

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PayPal Add to cart buttons – Safest way to sell online

Setting up an ecommerce site is still one of the most challenging tasks for a small business. While the advantages and reach remain unchallenged by any other means of commerce, security is the first and foremost factor that concerns most webmasters and small business owners. In this article I’ll explain one of the safest ways to set up your online store using PayPal’s “buttons”.

This article gives you step-by-step instructions on how to sell online easily using the following PayPal options:

  • Add to Cart
  • View Cart

  • Before you create these buttons, you need to find out your ...

    Secure Merchant ID

    This is  secure identification that PayPal uses to identify businesses and their email addresses. In order to see this ID you’ll have to login to PayPal and click Profile under My Account. The ID is displayed under the heading Profile Summary. (I am mentioning this here because I’ll be referring to this ID as I explain the steps to set up the online store below.)

    Note: The secure merchant ID is available only for Premiere and Business accounts.

    Now you can create the buttons ...

    PayPal Shopping Cart

    PayPal shopping cart works a bit different from the other shopping carts you might have come across in the past. Every item you wish to sell must be first added to PayPal. All the items are added using Add to Cart link under Merchant Services. Don’t take notes yet. I’ll give you step-by-step instructions later in this article.

    For each button that is added, PayPal assigns a button ID. All you need to do is to grab the button ID and the secure merchant ID and using the code snippet given below you will be able to add the button on any website you want. PayPal has no restriction at this point on how many places these buttons can be placed. You are free to add the buttons anywhere you want and on as many places are you want.

    Ideally you want to create one button per item you are selling but PayPal doesn’t seem to restrict this. So you can create multiple buttons for the same item if you wish to do so.

    In order to finish the full shopping cart experience for your customers you have to do one last thing which is placing the View Cart button in a convenient place where the customer will be able to see irrespective of page they are on.

    I have the code snippet to add the View Cart button below. You only need the secure merchant ID to add this button.

    Note for GetACustomSite's Website Builder Customers: If you are using our Website Builder we give you an easy way to add buttons to your site. All you need to do is place the button using our specialized tags. See example below:

    To place an Add to Cart button (say, button id = 12345678) insert the below line in your content:
    [wb:paypal-button button=12345678]

    To place the View Cart button (say, Secure Merchant Id = ABCDEFGHIJK) insert the below line in your content:
    [wb:paypal-viewcart mechant=ABCDEFGHIJK]

    Isn’t that easy!

    Step by step instructions to enable ecommerce in your site using PayPal

    1. Create a PayPal account: This step is only required if you don’t already have a PayPal account. When you are signing up with PayPal make sure to take a Premiere or Business account. If you have an account already please make sure that your account is a Premiere and Business account.
    2. Create a button: Sign in to your PayPal account and click Merchant Services. In this page you’ll see a section called Create Buttons. Click on the link titled Add to Cart. This will take you to a page where you’ll be able to create the button you want for an item that you would like to sell. (See next section for tips on filling out the form on this page.)
    3. Place the button on your website: Use one of the techniques explained below to add the button to your website.
    4. More buttons: Repeat steps 2 and 3 for every item you wish to sell.

    Simplest way to do Step 2 above

    Many times I have customers coming to me asking how to fill the "Add to Cart" form. This is what I tell them: Use the simple and quick way which is:

    1. Use the defaults provided by PayPal which means don't touch any of the fields that you don’t understand.
    2. Change only Item name, Price,  Shipping & Tax and hit Create Button at the bottom of the page. Don’t bother touching anything else on the page.
    3. Once the button is created PayPal will show you the list of the buttons you have. Each button you have created will have the ID displayed in the same line like this: (ID: 1234567). This 7 digit number is the button ID corresponding to the item.

    How do I see my current buttons in PayPal

    You can see the list of all your buttons by clicking My Saved Buttons link under Create Buttons  in the page under Merchant Services.

    Placing the Add to Cart button in a page

    Using HTML:

    Using Website Builder:

    In both cases use the button ID of your item in place of 1234567.

    Placing the View Cart button

    Using HTML:

    Using Website Builder:

    In both cases use your secure merchant ID in place of ABDCEFGHIJ.


    Using PayPal as your ecommerce solution has several benefits. Among the several that we see the most compelling ones are covered in this article. Although the user experience varies a bit from conventional shopping carts the benefits definitely outweighs the rest.

    If you have any question or comments about this article please feel free to contact me using the form below.

    Email Technical Configuration – MX & SPF

    Here are the screen shots of how email MX and SPF need to be setup for email to work:


    Step 1: Edit Mail Exchange Records:

    Set Mail Server as with Priority as High ( is a placeholder. You will see your domain there instead).



    Step 2: Edit TXT Records(SPF):

    Set Host Name as @ with TXT Record as "v=spf1 mx ptr -all" (include the double quotes).