An Introduction to Websites

This article is an introduction to websites. It covers some of the key basic aspects of websites.

A website is a collection of web pages maintained by an individual or an organization. The content of a web page includes text, images, audio, video, and other digital assets. In most cases, a website has a specific domain name, such as You must have an Internet connection in your computer to access a website. The computer that hosts a website is known as web server. You can host it on your own computer also, but in order to ensure optimum performance, most people choose to opt for a professional web host service. Some of these services are free while for others you may have to pay a hosting fee. All the websites that are publicly accessible on the Internet are collectively referred to as World Wide Web. Web browsers, such as Internet explorer, are used to access these websites.

Websites Can Have Different Purposes

People run websites for many purposes. Some use it for personal reasons while others run it to achieve a particular business goal. Therefore, before you start creating a website, it is very important for you to establish what you exactly want to achieve. A website can perform a wide array of functions, but these functions are often defined on the basis of the need to run a website. It can be an informative website with an objective to educate people on a subject you have expertise in. A forum and chat room is also a kind of website with an objective to establish an online community where people can share their ideas, opinions, and experiences with each other. However, the majority of the websites running on Internet are meant for online business. Whether it is a small business or a large corporation¸ having a website can substantially increase cost efficiency as well as your client base.

Online Shopping

Online shopping is also possible through websites. Before the introduction of Internet, it was practically impossible to target a global audience. Having a website allows you to reach International audience without investing any fortune. More and more people now prefer to do online shopping. From books to homes – people these days are purchasing everything on the Internet right from the convenience of their home. Even when you are sleeping, people can buy your products and your bank account may get credited for that.

Elements Of A Good Website

There are three main elements of a website – appearance, functions that it has to offer, and organization of the content (navigation). This way¸ for a business, it is just like opening a shop. When you open a shop, you think a lot about its location, how attractive as well as professional it looks, whether it is equipped with all the equipment to perform the desired functions, and whether the shop has been organized properly for the convenience of the customers.

The greatest thing is that you can make your websites highly interactive as well so that it could respond to the user’s actions, such as changing the color of a link as soon as the user places the mouse cursor over it.

I hope you found the above introduction to websites useful. Now let us take a quick look at how to get a website.

How to Get A Website Easily

Getting a website has now become easier than ever. Using tools known as website builders you can make your own website in a matter of minutes. No technical knowledge is required to make your own website using a website builder aka website creator software.

One such website creator software is offered by Using this tool you can create a website in less than 5 minutes. You do not need to know any technical stuff to get a website using this website builder. You also get the first month free. Start your free trial today. You do not have to give your credit card or bank details to get your website. Get started now.

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