Advantages of Using a Professional Website Builder

First, let us understand what a website builder is. Simply put, a website builder is a tool that allows you to set up your own website.

Traditionally, you would hire a web designer who would create the website for you. First, she or he would create some design samples for you and send you those designs. You will pick one of the designs and let the web designer know of your decision. Then the web designer will create a site for you with the design you chose. Usually web designers won't provide hosting. So you will have to contact a hosting provider and get a hosting account for yourself. Furthermore, if you need a web application to be installed on your site (such as a blog or a part database) you might have to hire a programmer or some one who is a technical expert.

So if you go the traditional route to get a website, you will end up working with a variety of service providers such as web designers, hosting providers, programmers etc. There is nothing wrong with this approach but there are some major disadvantages:
  • Time factor: It takes time to hire the variety of resources to build your site
  • Cost factor: You need to pay multiple parties. Also, at least one of the parties will require a one-time payment and maybe even a down payment.

So in a nutshell, in the traditional route you spend quite a bit of time and quite a bit of money to get your web site. If you want a better way to get your own website, read on ...

With a website builder, time and (usually) cost are in your favor. Here are the steps you would typically go through to create a website using a website builder:

  1. Select design: A website builder (I mean, the good ones out there) will present you with designs specific to your industry. You browse the designs and then select one design and submit that design to the website builder. The website builder will now actually create the site for you and send you instructions to ...
  2. Activate your site: In this step you just activate your site so you can start using it. When you activate your site, the website builder will send you instructions to ...
  3. Customize your site: Most website builders will give you a tool to edit the content of your site. Use this tool to add new content to the pages of your website. It is very important that you choose a website builder that does give you a tool to edit content. It is your site so you need the ability to add/delete/change its content. Rarely, some website builders will give you the ability to change the design of your site! Using this feature you will be able to give your website a new "look and feel" as often as you want.

  4. If you do not remember the title of this post you might want to re-read it. It said "Advantages of Using a Professional Website Builder." There are many reasons why I added the adjective "professional." You should go with only a professional website builder. Here is a checklist that you can use to determine if a website builder is "professional." A professional website builder should have at the very minimum the following:

    • Professional and Elegant Designs. Make sure the designs the website builder offers you are really professional and elegant. You deserve nothing less.
    • Content Management System. If a website builder does not offer you the ability to edit content reject it. You ought to be given the ability to change the content of your site. Period.
    • Blog. Blog is a powerful tool that can enhance the visibility of your site. It is a great tool that enables you to market your site online effectively. These days if you do not have a blog on your site is like hoping on one feet to get somewhere when you can run.
    • One-stop shop. A professional website builder should provide not only the designs but also hosting, email, domain name etc. It should truly be a 1-stop shop.
    • Price. A professional website builder ought to be budget-friendly. It should not require any 1-time charges nor any down payments. The monthly charges should be affordable.
    • Trial period. If a website builder does not give you at least 15 days of free trial reject it. You should be able to play with your site at least for 15 days before you make a decision. After all it is your site that you are building. You ought to be certain that you are choosing the right tool to build and maintain it.

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